New free full text article! Social validity is such an important issue especially in paediatric feeding treatment. However, despite it being a hot topic, there is a big lack of research on it both overall, and on how to assess it. This paper presents a novel approach by having parents themselves help create the assessments, instead of the professionals coming up with the questions based on what we think, or using old surveys that were made for other purposes. We interviewed parents of children receiving treatment for feeding tube dependence, and evaluated 2 systematic methods (thematic and textual analyses) including both qualitative and quantitative approaches to create assessments based on what’s most important according to actual parents. Themes found included: oral eating as a milestone; satisfaction-expectation trade-off; benefits outweigh negatives; funding/availability of treatment; gradual progress; and communication with the clinician. These new methods could be used by others in a wide variety of other populations and areas of applied behaviour analysis.